Staffing Pattern

1.Collector & District Magistrate,Khurda Chairmain
2.Chairman,Balungaon NAC Ex-Officio Member
3.Chairman,Banpur NAC Ex-Officio Member
4.Director,Twon Planning,Odisha his representative Ex-Officio Member
5.Chief Engineer,PH(U),Odisha of his representative Member
6.C.D.M.O,Khurda Member
7.Tahasildar,Balungaon Member
8.Executive Engineer,R & B Division,Khurda Member
9.Executive Officer,Balungaon NAC Member
10.Executive Officer,Banpur NAC Member
11.Sarapanch Namdapur G.P. Member
12.Sarapanch Galua G.P. Member
13.Sarapanch Barkel G.P. Member
14.Sarapanch Kumaranga G.P. Member
15.Sri Bijaya Ku.Nanda.Retd Principal Godavarish Mahabiyalaya, Banpur AL/PO-Rampur,Balugaon Member
16.Sri Satya Narayana Mohapatra.Ex-President Banpur Bar Association,At-Pujiama,Banpur Member
17.Special Planning Authority, Chilika-Balugaon-Banpur Member Convenor


  • Establishment Section/Planning Section
  • Junior Clerk 1nos
  • Junior Gd.Typist(DLR) 1nos
  • Amin(DLR) 1nos
  • Peon-Cum-choukidar(DLR) 1nos


  • *Granting of Licence U/S 33(1) of Odisha Twon Planning & improvment Trust Act.1956 for construcrion of building
  • *Monitoring of IDSMT works at Balugaon
  • *Infastructure devlopment within the Master plan area
  • *Technical guidance to NAC,Balugaon & Banpur & Tahasil,Balugaon-Banpur & Chilika regarding the planning & devlopment control & Preparation of Revenue Master plan
  • *Devlopment of shopping complex at Balugaon.Financial Pattern/Source
  • *Stamp duty from the Govt.for each financial year
  • *Scrutiny fees/Compounding fees from the approval of building permission cases
  • *Rent received from shopping complex at Balugaon
  • Preparation of various scheme for devlopment of Housing,Trade & Commerce,Transport,reception etc.which will be economically viable & Socially acceptable.

Organisational Setup

  • SPA Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Collector & District Magistrate Khurdha with district level Officers & Sarapanchas of Gram Master plan area of Chilika-Balugaon-Banpur.
  • The Special Planning Authority has been constituted vide notification No...24910/HUD dt09.8.1978 with the following members as enlisted below.